Multisport Condor Grass artificial turf multi-sports fields

Condor Grass artificial turf multi-sports fields hand schools or communities a versatile, safe, robust, all-weather sports surface. They have all the safety features that are commonly part of an artificial turf system. A non-slippery yarn and backing are used that, time and again, have proven as able to handle the high-usage intensity multi-sports fields are known for. When installed on top of a shock pad, this will reduce the likelihood of injuries and the severity of cuts and bruises.

Condor Grass artificial turf multi-sports fields cater for a variety of sports and are capable of handling footwear that has not necessarily been designed for use on artificial turf. The fields come with different colour markings for a variety of sports, while the pile length facilitates both sports that require a flat surface as well as sports that demand stability for the players.

The fields can be produced in any colour, thus allowing the surface to match corporate colours or identities, as well as the use of special marks or logos. The use of sparkling colours or lines in different colours also invites children to automatically make use of the surface. 

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